Learning Competition Terms & Conditions

The Solve Education! Learning Competition is offered subject to the terms and conditions set out below “Terms and Conditions”.

Who can enter the learning competition

Entry into the learning competition is available to residents of sub-Saharan countries, and other countries, who are aged 18 years or older.

How to enter the learning competition

The Solve Education! Learning competition takes place through our telegram bot, Ed the bot. Join the contest by registering to lead a team. You can do this by sending Hi to Ola on telegram here.

Weekly Challenge

Challenge Period

  • First Weekly Challenge will start on February 18, 2021, at 8AM WAT.
  • The 1-Month cycle will consist of 4 weekly challenges for 4 weeks in a row, followed by a 1-week break.
  • One weekly challenge will run for 6 days from Thursday 8AM WAT until Wednesday 8 AM WAT.

Challenge Rules

Players must collect points by playing with Ed the bot on telegram to be ranked on the leaderboard. The points will be counted daily from 8 AM WAT until 7:59 AM WAT the next day. Place in the top 20 to collect a ticket for your team and be eligible for the weekly draw!

One group can only get a maximum of 5 tickets per day, and a minimum of 15 tickets per week.

Weekly Challenge Winners

  • 1 Weekly Challenge winner will be chosen using a random number generator to select 1 lucky ticket.
  • We will record the drawing process and post the video on Social Media.
  • The winner announcement will be made on Wednesday at 11 AM WAT.
  • The weekly challenge winner will be eligible for a slot in the Monthly Game Show (held after the monthly cycle’s fourth weekly challenge).
  • After getting one weekly challenge winning team, we will also make the winning team members’ list as the valid team member list for the monthly game show.
  • Solve Education’s decision regarding any aspect of the weekly challenge winner draw is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

Monthly Game Show

Monthly Game Show Time

  • Monthly Game Show will be held on Friday, 12PM, after the month period’s 4th weekly challenge is done.
  • The first Monthly Game Show will be held on March 19, 2021

Monthly Game Show Participants

  • The 4 winners from the month’s weekly challenges are eligible to compete in the monthly game show
  • Representatives from the winner teams of the weekly challenge are chosen randomly by wheel/similar method.
    1. The wheel/draw will be only done twice at maximum per team to choose the representative.
    2. In case that the two chosen names are not present, the team will be disqualified.
  • On top of the 4 weekly challenge winning teams, another lucky team(s) will have the chance to participate as the opposing team(s) in the monthly game show.
  • The lucky team(s) will be chosen randomly from the list of registered teams by wheel/random draw/similar method. The team themselves will decide representatives from the selected teams.
  • These are the conditions to be eligible for entering the lucky team draw system:
    1. The team must have participated in that month’s weekly challenge but not the winning teams.
    2. The team must register on the registration form provided several days before the game show. 
  • The number of the lucky team(s) picked during one monthly game show period will depend on the length of the specific month’s game show. This will be announced during the monthly game show.
  • Team representatives will not be changed throughout the game show.

Monthly Game Show Winner

  • Participant team representatives will play Ed the learning bot minigames in the initial round and final round (or initial, semifinal, and final round)
  • The teams’ representatives will play against each other in a Telegram group that we set up.
  • The minigames played in the game show will be decided by Solve Education as the organizer.
  • Team representatives will play in the initial round (or initial rounds + semifinal round). Only two will be chosen to go to the final round based on the game show’s points in the play-rounds.
  • The game winner’s winner is the team whose representative manages to get the higher point in the final round.

Monthly Game Show Prize

  • The prize for Monthly Game Show Winner will be decided randomly by fortune wheel
  • The prize fortune wheel will be spun at the end of the monthly game show.
  • The prize fortune wheel will only be spun once during the game show.
  • Solve Education’s decision regarding any aspect of the game show winner’s prize is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into about it.
  • Moreover, note that the judges’ decision is final.

Please allow 14 days for delivery of the prize or alternative collection or delivery arrangements may be made through mutual agreement. Moreover, note that the judges’ decision is final.

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